Friday, 23 October 2009

The Book That Changed My Life Viral Video Competition

Here are a few of the scenes that have been finished, now all thats left to do is animate, bring on a very painful process...stop-motion.

Here are some stills of the sets that I've made for my stop-motion animation, im sticking to using alot of cardboard and watercolor pencils to add detail and depth to the bits of scenery, these are without most of the characters and the typography that will be in the final frames that are going to be shot, I will upload the rest of sets this weekend only two more to go.

Next week i will have the finished animation up on my blog with a link to the competition website where you can vote for my video.

Here is a rough storyboard for the 'Book that changed my life' Viral video competition that the scottish book trust are running, my storyboard looks at the 6 main themes that i feel run through books these are, Adventure, Fear, Love, Difficulty, Knowledge and belief.

for me these 6 themes are intended to relate to alot of different books as i didn't want to get narrow my idea down to just being changed by one book when i was growing up, but by lots of books that influenced me and have made me who i am today. My aim was to keep the theme childish so that the audience could relate back stories they read as a child. Therefor intriguing people to read the stories on the website.

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  1. The woods with fire has got to my favourite. I like how clearly they are laid out. The boat scene looks better lit though, it makes the others seem abit dull in comparison. Looking forward for the finished animation.