Friday, 25 June 2010

IDEO 'Climate Change Video Challenge' Animation

IDEO 'Climate Change Video Challenge' from Elements 2010 on Vimeo.

The IDEO 'Climate Change Video Challenge' primarily focuses on the future of climate change and our efforts towards the issue. Distinctly informed by the vibrantly coloured advertisements and animations of the late 1950s, the film has much in common with the modern movements in painting and graphic design of this era. By using cutout card and paper, the characterised aesthetics imply themes of comfort and community. Vibrancy in colour and shape reach out to a modern audience in a traditional and simple visual language.

IDEO 'Climate Change Video Challenge' Storyboard

Here is the final Storyboard for my response to the brief set by IDEO, for the 'Climate Change Video Challenge' in which i had to make a video response to global warming but focus it on future technologies that would be available to us, and move global warming away from the negative press and place it in a fresh new thinking style.

Stills from IDEO Climate Change Video Challenge

Here are three stills from my recent brief from IDEO which was dealing with climate change. Again I have adopted a Stop-Motion Approach, this time investing in some better equipment and better lights to change the quality of the final outcome itself.

The Book That Changed My Life Digital Storyboard

Here is the Final Storyboard for 'The Book That Changed My Life' viral video competition

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Some series updates....

Hi all due to some serious university and D&AD work commitments, the long awaited blog updates shall commence this weekend, with a never ending cup of coffee and my trusty laptop. But please of you have any questions please feel free to drop me an email or please visit

stay classy...planet earth

Friday, 23 October 2009

The Book That Changed My Life Viral Video Competition

Here are a few of the scenes that have been finished, now all thats left to do is animate, bring on a very painful process...stop-motion.

Here are some stills of the sets that I've made for my stop-motion animation, im sticking to using alot of cardboard and watercolor pencils to add detail and depth to the bits of scenery, these are without most of the characters and the typography that will be in the final frames that are going to be shot, I will upload the rest of sets this weekend only two more to go.

Next week i will have the finished animation up on my blog with a link to the competition website where you can vote for my video.

Here is a rough storyboard for the 'Book that changed my life' Viral video competition that the scottish book trust are running, my storyboard looks at the 6 main themes that i feel run through books these are, Adventure, Fear, Love, Difficulty, Knowledge and belief.

for me these 6 themes are intended to relate to alot of different books as i didn't want to get narrow my idea down to just being changed by one book when i was growing up, but by lots of books that influenced me and have made me who i am today. My aim was to keep the theme childish so that the audience could relate back stories they read as a child. Therefor intriguing people to read the stories on the website.