Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Sketchbook Scans

Here is a selection of the work that I've produced over the summer. These images from my sketchbook are small storyboards that in the future i wish to work on to possibly turn into animations. I find working on storyboards to be really fulfilling, to tell the audience a narrative.

Below is a storyboard of a song that my cousin had written as he had asked me to create an animation to go with the song. This project is far from finished as the story needs developing further but I have a lot to play with. I've come up with a few ways to handle this animation, all in stop-motion, but I'm not sure which style to use as I've recently discovered new ways of presenting stop-motion that i want to work with.

This storyboard is based on a column that I had read in a magazine about how young people are more prone to drug manipulation. Therefore I decided to make a small storyboard about the really dark side of the issue. The people that are seen as black silhouettes, just watching in the alleyway, are to symbolize the fact that families and friendships are ruined by drugs and that they would stare down at you with a cold unflinching gaze. Its pretty grim but I would want to work on this some more.

Ah the pike bot...a robotic version of my girlfriend. I drew a lot of inspiration from the film robots, especially the way that robots are made to look human yet still retain their robotic qualities. For example, the circular joints and the faces being made up of circular disks to enforce expressions. I really enjoyed this film, and as I'm crazy about robots at the moment, this was extremely inspiring.

This storyboard is one of the first that I drew this summer. It details the invention of a robot who simply discovers life through the medium of dance, entailing mans first walk. I really enjoyed making this story and intend to further this project by making this into an individual stop-motion project... once i finish perfecting the dance moves of robots that is.

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